We offer our expertise on a consulting basis also.

Writing out a plan and clearly understanding your goals and objectives is imperative before embarking on a project such as acquiring a rental property. Understanding what the ongoing requirements are is also very important, especially if you are going to manage yourself.

During our initial meeting we sit down and discuss what it is you are trying to achieve and whether or not you have the resources to do so. Cash flow? Appreciation? Both? Will you be paying cash or borrowing the funds to purchase? What kind of returns can you expect from your investment? What are the best areas in the valley to purchase in? We explore many crucial areas and you will leave the meeting with a much greater understanding of what to expect and the overall process.

If you should decide to move forward with us we can assist you in purchasing your income producing property, making the necessary improvements, marketing it for rent then executing a lease.

Our experienced and licensed real estate professional guides you every step of the way through the buying  process. Once escrow closes we go through the home and determine what improvements need to occur to get the home rent ready. After that we agree on a budget going forward for the improvements. We then collect bids on the work and assist you in choosing the right contractor for the right job.

Once the improvements are completed we aggressively market the home. We qualify prospective tenants including checking references and analyzing credit reports . We go over each candidate with you in order to make the best decision possible. Once we have the right tenant the lease is executed and deposits are collected.

Furthermore if you do not want to manage property on your own we have a list of reputable property managers for you to work with.

What you can expect from us as consultants:

  • Consultation(s)
  • Assist in getting you qualified for a mortgage
  • Locate home to acquire
  • Guide through purchasing process
  • Gather and choose bids for improvements
  • Manage improvements until rent ready
  • Advertise and show home for rent
  • Qualify tenant and execute lease


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